A marathon is not a sprint, rather it is a consistent moving forward to one’s goal.   We at Cal Bar for Free believe in one thing…..you must know the law, well, really well! Watching videos and reading massive outlines may work for some people, however we feel that submersion in the law itself is the best way to attack the Bar exam.

We formulate a Calendar which has you devote complete days to getting a particular area of law down cold!  It can be writing it out over and over, typing it out, flash cards, or whatever works best for you.   We then move on the to the next topic and always include time for refreshers on what you have already learned.   With 4 weeks to go before the bar you will have the LAW down pat, and can then focus on perfecting essay writing!

We also schedule enough Performance Tests, and Calendar time for many MBE’s to make sure all facets of the test are well covered.

We are excited and privlidged to help you on your journey!!



Cal Bar for Free Team