Cal bar for free was started with the simplest of ideas…..the freedom, emphasizing the free, of knowledge.

Law students feel naked without a “program” sitting in front of us telling us what to do because that is what was breed into us from the first day of law school.   Granted some people pass who use such programs but is it because of the program, or because of the student’s hard work and mind?   We do not doubt that certain programs can help with the retention of legal knowledge and practice, however what we don’t believe is that it should cost thousands of dollars!

We were once bar takers who failed my first attempt.   I was discouraged, frustrated, and angry but I choose to use that to fuel my desire to improve.  I also took time to look at my study strategies and to see if these expensive programs out there were right for me.   My successful attempt at the Bar exam did not focus on any of these programs rituals, or advice, yet rather I put my faith in something else than a program….I put it in myself!   I encourage you to see if studying for yourself, for free, is the right decision for you.

Cal Bar for Free